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Tennis Team

Every organisation and charity needs a Patrick!

Patrick has been volunteering at Tennis2Be for four (4) years since 2016! He started out as a Data Entry Clerk, but over time, his responsibilities have rapidly increased. He now creates and modifies spreadsheets, cleans and organises the database as well as performs data checks and compliance tasks.

Patrick enjoys the multitude of opportunities to gain new skills and experience at Tennis2Be and has taken full advantage of this. His flexible approach has led him to gain additional experience in the following:

  • taking part and heading the weekly charity volunteer meetings

  • involving himself in the advertising the charity's events

  • performing audio typing tasks

  • managing and entering all the receipts data

  • preparing mailings and marketing materials

  • first point of call in chatting to prospective volunteers

  • helped in organising the Tennis2Be Craic Cup

  • played tennis for the first time and helped in the disability tennis session

  • contributed to a collage presented to @KeiNishikori

  • lead induction sessions for new volunteers and train them plus much more

All volunteers keep a detailed DAILY timesheet as part of the CPD and progression. Patrick’s commitment to the the Charity can be summed up as follows and his timesheet will be available to view during on 16 November - our upcoming celebration event:

Patrick's commitment in numbers

Volunteer Hours

2016/17 Volunteer hours = 389 2017/18 Volunteer hours = 314

2018/19 Volunteer hours = 420

Total Hours 1123 Quantifiable entries (data and otherwise) 2016/17 = 2824

2017/18 = 2444

2018/19 = 3248 Total 8516

Patrick has always enjoyed working with data and the analysis thereof. He is currently progressing and being trained to to lead on our monthly newsletter, a final result to the data entry process which he has managed so well.

During his time at Tennis2Be, Patrick also undertook a Data Analysis course in the USA and is currently being supported in finding gainful employment in the data entry and analysis field. Tennis2Be is very grateful to Patrick for the time and commitment he gives with no expectation to the charity, travelling 4 hours a day to be with Tennis2Be for 4 years without no sickness or cancellations. Every organisation and charity needs a Patrick!

Update: May 2020: Patrick has now found gainful employment in the data industry and credits a lot of the confidence in getting this role to his time and experience with the charity. Congratulations Patrick!

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