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Craic Cup

early registration is advised


What is the Craic Cup?

The Craic Cup is an annual Tennis2Be tournament now in it's 6th year. It brings together different communities and levels of players. This event takes place in an accessible, easy to reach and WATERPROOF venue in West London. Bring friends, family and enjoy socialising and a picnic during changeovers.

Those who join us can:

*play and enjoy tennis (competitor)

*give tennis a go (separate court)

*enjoy a day out, spectate or  volunteer

*share a picnic...

Who is it for? 

The Craic Cup is open to all ages (3-85 years!) You get to play tennis at your own level (we have 6 levels, playing on different courts) whilst socialising and having a picnic. 

There will be children,disabled players, young people as well as adult players. You do not need to have played tennis to participate.

All equipment is provided for young people and children.

Any organisations interested in sponsoring the event are encouraged to get in touch

What is the cost?

by donation

-We ask for a £2 donation from children and young people.

-We ask for a £10 donation from adult players

Donations are non compulsory.

How do I get involved!?

Date: June 2021 (12-6pm)

Venue: to be communicated 

Travel options:

1) Tube station is  4 minutes walk to the venue

2) Plenty of bus options stopping outside the venue


Irish TV coverage of Craic Cup starts@5:50mins

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