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We're very proud to have our volunteer shortlisted for the #VolunteerOfTheYear award

Age: 23 years old

Occupation: University Student ­ Business Masters


1 x Timesheet daily since February 2016

2 x Volunteer training videos (data process)

6 x Exhibitions 42 x Meetings attended to date

100 x Craic Cup attendees due to her efforts

300+ x Volunteer hours

5000 x Strong database created from scratch

10000 x Flyers distributed

What she does: As a volunteer at Tennis2Be, Andrise works closely

with the Director to raise awareness of Tennis2Be. From the very start, Andrise embraced Tennis2Be’s vision of “ensuring tennis is enjoyed by everyone, including disabled and special needs’ players”. Everything she does is within the framework of that vision. Her warm and engaging personality combined with the belief she holds for Tennis2Be has resulted in many success and triumphs for the charity e.g.making a successful application and being a partner for the Davis Cup Legacy Coaching Programme in 2016-2018 How she does it: She implements the strategies to support the vision, she organises events like the successful Annual Tennis2Be Craic Cup (which attracted over 120 tennis players, mayors and famous patrons) to raise awareness of Tennis2Be within the community, she works relentlessly at fund raising, did flyering and introduced tennis to schools. She handles Tennis2Be's social media and single handedly project managed Tennis2Be's database transfer to a more robust data system using knowledge she had gained in her business studies. What she's learnt: “Volunteering has opened my eyes to what it really means to owing a business. It is challenging and requires you to multi task, be flexible, tenacious and to take risks. It helped me confirm that my chosen path in business management is what I really want to do. It made me realise that I had strength, skills and determination that I did not realise I had until I volunteered with Tennis2Be. Volunteering at Tennis2Be allowed me to explore my abilities in an encouraging environment and gave me self confidence as a young woman and beyond. Oh, and did I mention that I love tennis; volunteering with Tennis2Be means I get to play lots of tennis and get tips to improve my tennis strokes too".

We're very proud of Andrise who received a runner up award at the Westminster Volunteer of the Year Award

We're very proud of Andrise who received a runner up award at the Westminster Volunteer of the Year Award

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