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TennisBe's - Activated

THANKS TO LONDON YOUTH (@JustJohnJones), Tennis2Be recently took part in a very successful Tennis Activator course which explained various LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) developed fun formats of learning the sport’s fundamentals. The practical workshop introduced a range of tennis programmes, including, touch tennis, tennis freestyle, short tennis, street tennis and freestyle tennis. This will enable participants to volunteer within tennis circles and will also help improve co-ordination. The Tennis Activator course is a fun training programme to help more people play and enjoy tennis.

The course was very well attended with a "rainbow" of attendees as per our ethos of inclusive tennis, and this was reflected in the diversity on: gender, age and ethnicity and ability. In particular, two of our disabled members attended the course and are both of Irish descent. A big shout out also to James @ StreetGames and Lambeth with whom Tennis2Be are have an accreditation for putting us forward for this course.

We look forward to working closely with London Youth and building on our relations and partnerships.

The course lasted for 3 hours and was attended by many eager TennisBees who have given it it buzzing reviews ****** (FIVE NECTORS). Everyone received a certificate from the Tennis Foundation and a resource book filled with handy tips!

REVIEW - Gemma: " Thanks so much for the opportunity. I thought both the content and delivery were absolutely great. I may make my own notes next time, and yes, have been doing a lot of writing since. That said, I thought it was excellent overall! and I am really grateful for the training."

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