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An interview with our nominee Westminster #WAWards16

The Westminster Awards #WAWards16 on the 2nd of December showcased a brilliant display of achievements for volunteers within communities and sports clubs.

Here at Tennis2Be, we've always taken the view that without volunteers, we would be very limited in what we could offer the community. To learn more about the people at the heart of this Charity, we spoke to Andrise about her time at Tennis2Be.

At an exhibition

Q: What are you doing at the moment, apart from your Tennis2Be role?

A: At the moment I'm a student studying business management, which is great because it links into a lot of what I do at the charity in terms of organisation. Other than that in my spare time I love visiting museums, practising krav maga and travelling when I get the chance.


Q: Why did you join Tennis2Be? How long have you been a part of this team?

A: I joined in February of 2016, initially it was to improve my English! I started off with data entry, but quickly started to build a passion for being involved with the organisation as a whole. The Director has a very hands on approach, and there’s always lots to do!. This inspired me to try and take on more responsibilities and learn for my own personal development too.

Q: Just to talk a bit more about that, what sort of roles do you take on at Tennis2Be?

A: It ranges from documenting things like press releases, to helping set up the recruiting strategy and organising our biggest event of the year, the Craic Cup. Everyone chips in on the action, it makes it more fun too!

Q: Has there been an especially challenging aspect for you in Tennis2Be?

A: It has to be the presentations and exhibitions, it really forced me outside my comfort zone living in France and being a native French speaker, although looking back now it really assisted with my original goal of learning English, so I guess it's a win/win. At the time I was super nervous though.

Q: Could you maybe highlight some goals for the next couple of years?

A: Really at the moment it would be to complete my education at the school to understand more about companies and how they work. I don't have much else on my mind than trying to figure out the inner workings of what makes a company tick. Tennis2Be has given me back just as much as I've put into it, improving my team leading, communication, time management and presentation skills. My tennis has also improved immensely, although there's still a lot to do in improving my backhand!

Q: I understand you're still involved with Tennis2Be even though you are no longer living in the UK.

A: Yes, my passion for helping to make tennis an inclusive sport and also making my studies related to what I have learned have kept me on. For example, at my University, we have been grouped an d given themes and are consulting weekly with Tennis2Be on thesis project and I am very excited to have gotten the rest of the students on board and excited about this.

Interviewer: It's great knowing that talented and passionate individuals like yourself lend your skills to charities, it's been a pleasure to talk to you, we wish you all the best for the future!

Andrise: Thanks, I’ve never been interviewed before…now can I ask you some questions!

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