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It’s almost time for the ActiveWestminster awards ceremony

It’s almost time for the ActiveWestminster awards ceremony. With Christmas right around the corner, there’s no better time to recognise the achievements of volunteers who’ve given above and beyond. Tennis2Be is proud to have members of its organisation acknowledged for their contributions, through small beginnings, to reaching the wider community and and connecting with tennis.

Andrise Belvu, our Head Volunteer and nominee for Volunteer of the Year Awards - Westminster, has taken our core belief of “where tennis goes, we go” to heart and continues to be involved daily with the charity after moving to France to complete her studies in Business Management. Andrise is also modelling her Masters thesis on her business experience at Tennis2Be. She is a prime example of how Tennis2Be operates with proof of concept in engaging all needs. On the 2nd December, at the Lord's Cricket Ground, we will be celebrating individuals such as Andrise and the volunteer culture within our charity.

There is still so much to do. As a registered and expanding charity, we’ve set our sights on braving through the winter with our Christmas Camp, designed to warm up anyone with a mind to stay fit and active. To do this we need your help. On the link to our website is a way to donate through the supporters tab. All money will go towards equipment, coaches and most importantly, help to make the sessions as affordable as possible. Any additional funds will go directly into supporting Tennis2Be to reach more communities, leaving lasting foundations and enabling wider opportunities through tennis. It will also assist with our biggest annual event, the Craic Cup on 17 June 2017, Hope to see you there!

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