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Tennis for families

Tennis2Be's Family Tennis Programmes are available for parents and children. Book your place online with us today.

Bear in mind - Tennis2Be offers tennis in all Boroughs (and these are just the regular programmes) - should a group wish to have tennis at a different location, then do get in touch!

When: Saturday at 10 - 11am

Where: John Ruskin Street

Cost: *£8 per session per pair (child and parent)

*Price based on 5 pairs per session - if less children are present, the price may be slightly higher, this also applies if more than 10 children are present - the price will be slightly lower.

John Ruskin Street (MUGA Space)

(Off Bethwin Road)

SE5 0SY        

Bus: P5 bus stop, bus 185, 436, 36

(7 mins Oval Station)

Are you ready to play? 

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