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Seeking Employment

For potential employers:

As a Charity we come across many individuals with varying circumstances and backgrounds. We cannot ignore the economic downturn and the uncertainties this can bring. Hence we are listing for FREE some potential employees who you can contact or recommend directly. 

This dedicated student intends to obtain an internship or placement as part of her University Degree in Business.

She is a sociable and responsible person who is good at communication, and always ready to learn. She wants to challenge herself, using past experience for the aim of achieving the company’s objectives.

She is devoted and eager to gain industry experience!

Voice introduction - to follow

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"Laura is an enthusiastic, energetic transformational coach, with a keen eye for the source of a problem. A strategist when it comes to interventions which allows her to turn around situations in a heartbeat." Cynthia - Tennis2Be

Spiritual Mentor, Healer and Coach. An intuitive healer who discovered Shamanism during her spiritual awakening, and is successfully adding the practice to her coaching business to allow for more rapid and deep transformation, enabling individuals to awaken to their own inner powers.


The minimum engagement cost is £2000 and the costs of the interventions vary as the energetic cost on herself is different depending on what's happening in the session. '

Quote T2B18 to get a 50% discount on the above price.


The interventions are: energy healing, curse lifting, past lives journeying, soul retrievals, etc.

Laura can provide references on request.

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